The following four documents are required to register your child at Eldorado High School:

1. Your ID ONE piece of personal identification of parent/guardian, such as:
* Driver’s License
* Photo Identification Card

2. Child’s ID Please bring ONE of the following (photocopies will not be accepted):
* Original Birth Certificate
* Passport
* Certified Birth Card issued by the Clark County Health District or another health district

3. Immunization Record Up-to-date medical records indicating that your child has had, or at least started, the following series of immunizations:
* Four DPT shots (but one more if last dose was given before 4th birthday)
* Three polio doses (but one more if last dose was given before 4th birthday)
* Two MMR shots (one dose must be given on or after the 1st birthday)
* A child enrolling in seventh grade is required to have the Bordetella Pertussis vaccine (“Tdap”). The child must receive at least one dose of a Bordetella Pertussis-containing vaccine after age 10.

For students new to Nevada schools:
* Two Hepatitis A shots (2nd dose must be given at least 6 months after the 1st dose)
* Three Hepatitis B shots (must have a minimum of 4 months between 1st and 3rd dose)
* One chicken pox (Varicella) shot (must be given at 12 months of age or older; 2 doses required one month apart for children receiving first dose on or after age 13 years). Physician verification required if student has had the chicken pox disease

4. Proof of Address You must bring ONE of the following:
* Recent Utility Bill (power, water or gas)
* Rent Receipt
* Residential Lease or Sales Contract