CCSD Title IX (pdf download)

CCSD Sports Schedule 2016-2017(link)
Eldorado is in 4A

NIAA Calendar Schedule

==Fall Sports==

Cross Country (Boys/Girls)
Boy’s & Girl’s Cross Country Schedule

Football (webpage)
Class 3A & 4A Football Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Girls’ Golf
Girl’s Golf Schedule

Girls’ Volleyball
3A & 4A Volleyball Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Boys’ Soccer
Boy’s Soccer Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity

Girls’ Soccer
Girl’s Soccer Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Tennis (Boys/Girls) (webpage)
Boy’s and Girl’s Tennis Schedule

==Winter Sports==

Class 4A & 3A Boy’s Basketball
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Class 4A & 3A Girl’s Basketball
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Class 4A & 3A Boy’s & Girl’s Bowling

Flag Football
Class 4A & 3A Flag Football
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team

Wrestling web page
CCSD Wrestling Meets
Varsity, Jr. Varsity



==Spring Sports==

Spring Sports Schedules

Baseball Game Schedule
Class 3A & 4A Boy’s
Varsity, Jr. Varsity

Softball Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity

Swimming and Diving
Swimming meet Schedule

Track and Field
Track and Field Schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity

Boys Volleyball
volleyball game schedule
Varsity, Jr. Varsity, & B team


==All Year==



The Clark County School District continues its ongoing commitment to ensure that the District’s programs, activities and services comply with Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 and to provide equal opportunity to students. Specific concerns raised by employees, students, or parents regarding athletics or activities should be directed to the Executive Director of Instructional Support and Student Activities at 799-8493. Concerns may also be addressed through the Parent Concern Form process.