Welcome to Eldorado High School. Founded in 1973 in Las Vegas Nevada.
Located at the foot of Frenchman Mountain. Once surrounded by ranches and the best equestrian pleasure riding in the valley we are now surrounded by the city that has crept up the side of the valley. You can still find remnants of ranch property and the occasional rider on horseback headed up the hillside. But more importantly, today Eldorado has become a STEAM Academy and Technology Magnet school.

Our students are working on all the same educational goals as any other high school in addition to our Video Game Technology and Web Design courses. What was once ranch property is now becoming a center for computer programming, robotics, and high speed e-gaming.

Eldorado Trivia

OPENING Eldorado High School opened during the 1973-74 school year, with eighth graders but no senior class. The following year the eighth grade was dropped and the school housed ninth through twelfth grade.

CLEAT GAME Chaparral High School also opened its doors in the 1973-74 school year and with its close proximity to Eldorado, a natural rivalry was born. In the 1975-76 school year, the student council at Eldorado thought it would be fun to have a symbol of this rivalry, similar to the ‘Bone’ game between Las Vegas and Rancho. They approached NFL All-Star, Merlin Olsen, about using one of his cleats and he graciously agreed. The cleat was bronzed and each year the Eldorado and Chaparral football teams battle for ‘The Cleat’.

CAPACITY Originally, Eldorado High School was designed to accommodate 1785 students with a 2100 student maximum. In 2005 the enrollment was over 3200 with 35 portable classrooms. For the 2007-08 and the 2008-09 school years there were 2 separate campuses seven miles apart. The freshmen were housed at the Eldorado Preparatory Academy. Presently, the enrollment is approximately 2,100 students. The student population is about 89% minority, representing a diversity of ethnic and racial backgrounds.

MAGNET In August, 2015, Eldorado High School opened the doors to the Eldorado Magnet Academy. The Magnet Academy consists of two programs: Video Game Development and Web Design and Development. In conjunction with these magnet programs, students also learn Animation and Graphic Design to assist in developing their skills. Eldorado High School also began a Robotics program in August 2016 to augment the skills learned in these programs.

STAFF There are currently twelve staff members who are alumni of Eldorado High School. Craig Brockett (Assistant Principal), Peter Brown (Assistant Principal), Francis Uzan (Office Manager), Linda Eliason (Registrar), Renee Turner (Graphic Artist), David Ostler (Instructional Coach), Jon Hollingsworth (Graduation Specialist), Patty Eliason (Teacher), Shana Stott (Teacher), Jesse Medellin (Teacher), Chris Eliason (CSM), and Scott Mangonello (Gardner).

FIGHT SONG Fight on you SunDevils, Fight on our team, Run up the score and get on the beam, Give them competition boys, You play the game and we’ll make the noise, Fight on to victory, Fight on to fame, We’ll stand to back you, All through the game, Keep our colors flying high, For a SunDevil victory.

COLORS/MASCOTT Our colors are Maroon and Gold.


Fear The Fork

Eldorado has an active athletics program where our student athletes can be found on various courts, fields, and mats. Visit our Athletics page and find out how you can be a SunDevil and participate in Baseball, Softball, Football, Swimming, Wrestling, Volleyball, Basketball, and more. Are you more interested in less physical endeavors? Eldorado has a long list of activity and academic clubs, visit our Activities and Clubs page for the extensive list of activities.